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Who We Are:

Hotstaybcn is a division of One2oneworld ltd. Dedicated to facilitating a unique, exciting and fun-filled time out holiday experience for the regular barcelona visitor that has no idea about where to stay, what to do, moving around, and how to plan their entire holiday to make it worthwhile enough to fire their desire to return.

Does not matter race, creed, sexuality or looks, You are all welcome to a hot stay with us in the best parts of the historic city center of barcelona.

What is Bed & Breakfast?

The term "Bed and Breakfast" or "B & B" is an accommodation that offers the possibility of both Bed alone, or "Bed and Breakfast" (literally translated from English) to mean exactly what it says at affordable rates to travellers. The concept of B & B was born in Europe but in the 60's was introduced in the U.S. and today is known throughout the world.

Basically it is a simple accommodation in a flat or house with few extra rooms. The idea is to create a homely environment, whereby the guests are made to feel as if they were in their own homes. Usually the owners possibly share the same accomodation. This makes it easy for them to help the guests adapt rapidly to their new holiday environment. For example we take the issue of "shared lavatory facilities" as part of the "B & B experience, " which is part of the features that keep it typically a home experience that you must EXPERIENCE! While bumping into one another, sharing the days experiences, or just a good laugh/smile and socializing with other guests, this alone could be a very rewarding and life changing experience very unlike hotels and other lodging options like it.

This is fast becoming one of the most fashionable, convenient and acceptable lodging options to travellers, because not only do they get to save money on food by common use of the refridgerator and kitchen, but they also get to decide and choose exactly what they want to eat. NO longer exists the obligation to eat out, nor to eat junk food while you are on holiday! And NO More nosy receptionists all up in your business or telling you what to do and/or what not to do.

The use of the entire house or apartment along with all the facilities in it, is available to the guest and the guest can live as a "local", coming and going as he or she wishes with their own set of keys.

Along with this new age lodging option, is gone the loneliness and boredom of conventional claustrophobic hotel rooms and lodgings for especially lone travellers. For this reason, B&B is popular with single travellers who cherish and appreciate the great attention and hospitality they enjoy usually from their hosts. And the wealth of newly aqcuired cultural and social exchange that transpires on a very international level.

Without doubt it is evident that individuals, groups and even families now prefer this lodging option because it affords them the opportunity and "Hotstay" experience they could otherwise not have had if they had chosen the hotel option.

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