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Booking terms and cancellation policy

  1. By booking the room the guest accepts the following terms and conditions. The guest can seek clarification to any ambiguity about the terms and conditions during the booking process, by sending us an email or calling us to clarify.
  2. The guest may cancel their booking with an email or phone call up to 7 days before arrival  without additional costs being incurred; if not there is an obligation to pay half of our losses due to your failure to notify us. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.  A cancellation of less than 7 days is subject to a 'Late Cancellation Payment' equivalent to  the above mentioned loss payment. A 'no-show' is also subject to payment equivalent to a one night stay.
  3. On the completion of a reservation we send the guest a confirmation via email.
  4. Cash payment on arrival, is required and if it is not posible then provisions could be made for other forms of payment. A tour of the facility would be conducted afterwards and a copy of your legal identity or the original, which is returned at once, should be submitted upon arrival for our records, if you do not have a photocopy to submit. The keys would then be handed over.
  5. If for any reason beyond us, we are unable to accommodate the guest at the room of choice after agreement is made, we will help the guest to find an alternative room within our establishment if it is acceptable, and if not we will immediately reimburse the deposit.

Acceptable behaviour

  1. Smoking is allowed only in the balcony of the diferent lodgings facilities we offer you.
  2. Pets are great but we do not have a place for them in any of our facilities.
  3. We endeavour to provide as much as possible a home environment for all, please uphold it.
  4. Consideration for other guests welfare is highly suggested, a peaceful ambience is appropriate.
  5. Guests are free to invite visitors but should be fully responsible for their conducts within.
  6. Key loss attracts a fine of €100
  7. Check-out always at noon unless due permission has been obtained.
  8. There is always the possibility of leaving your baggages in the apartment with a staff member.
  9. Legal and security measures against guests who try to circumvent booking will be taken.
  10. If they fail to notify us about change of travel plans withing the apropriate time frame.
  11. And if they change the terms of reservation without informing us.

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